Music Tuition

  Learning to play the piano

   The students may learn in view of getting through their grades or they may learn for their  personal  pleasure only.
    For the students that do not wish to go through the grades the study will be classical in essence  (which  gives a tremendous advantage when it comes to dexterity) but ample time will also be  allocated for the discovery of styles of music that interest each particular student.
     The steps required to attain virtuosity, a sensitive approach to the composer’s master pieces, and  the development of creativity will remain the main focus.

1 Classical Studies: Preparation of grades 1-8 piano with ABRSM + Preparation of grades 1-5 music theory.
2 Piano playing as a recreational activity: to be tailored with the tutor for the student, can include classical training, improvisation, composition, use of digital audio work stations for music production.

Music technology – Composition & Production

     The lessons are available to music technology students that need support , as well as musicians and music  lovers who want  to get acquainted with the various aspects of the new technologies characterising today’s  music and sound production.
1- Exam Support: AS, A LEVEL, BTEC
2- Themes studied: to be tailored with each student, including: Sound/Acoustics, Recording (equipment, techniques, mixing), Music/Audio Production with Digital Audio Work stations.

Lesson options:
30 minutes £25
45 minutes £30
60 minutes £35

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