About the Music Tutor

«Dear readers, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give  you a sum up of my musical experience. When I was young, the radio was always  on and in the front room, was a piano. I asked to be taught at the age of 7, my  teacher was Mr Durand from the Conservatoire de Perpignan, in France. He was an instant  hit, and I worked under his supervision until I was 20. I learned the piano in his ‘Académie Jean-Sébastien Bach’ and ‘l’école municipale de Port-La-Nouvelle’. I  learned music theory and singing in the Conservatoire de Perpigan. Besides Mr  Durand’s passion for music, his incredible dexterity and understanding, his love  of composers and his devotion to his students, it is the hours spent playing on  the piano, the performances in beautiful theaters and intimate recital rooms, and the new piano bought on my 14th birthday that kept me hooked. Very early on I was fascinated by sounds because like words they allow people to express ones ideas, feelings and experiences. Whilst learning to dance or play, classical music prevailed, but in my own time, I explored pop and everything new. As an adult I learned to play the drums, hand drums and kit, and I learned music production by writing song after song for a while. Along side the odd singing gig, I played in many jams. But the most performances have been as a Dj, great way to continue discovering the music of the times.
At the age of fourteen, I was asked by Mr Durand to teach his young students, as a favour. I was over the moon, and felt so at home. The feeling has not left, I still love teaching. In fact there is little time for playing these days ! I like to play classical music with my students first and then introduce modern styles, composition and music technology. It is another fascinating window into music. I have taught music for 20 years and I am loving it.»
Sarah Rochette


Diplôme de Perfectionnement (Piano) de l’Ecole Municipale de Musique de Port-la-Nouvelle, Annexe du Conservatoire de Perpignan.

Bsc Music Technology from Swansea Institute of Higher Education

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